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Our Process

From the day you get your free estimate to the day our team finishes your project, Toronto & GTA Railings has got you covered with the highest standards of quality service.

Over the years, we have developed a simple theory that enables us to be as transparent as we can, to meet customers’ expectations, to win customers’ satisfaction, and to make our community of customers trust us for all kinds of railing and baluster installation solutions across Toronto & GTA. Giving value to your needs, preferences, and designs that you have in mind, we walk you through the entire process from our first conversation to the finished project.


Regardless of the type of building, the proper installation of handrails, balusters, decks, and stuff requires measurements to assure optimal fall prevention and reliable support. After we’re done with the initial consultation and once you are satisfied and have confidence at Toronto & GTA Railings, our team then gets to know the dimension of the area you want us to blow our magic at.

Design & Approval

At Toronto & GTA Railings, our key goals are to be as transparent as we can and to make sure that you approve every step of the project. After the initial consultation and measurements, our team discusses any changes that you may want to make in the design and the plan. Through our design and approval process, we ensure that the process won’t take retakes and costly mistakes.<br /> Once you approve our design, our team of professional railing installers then work with you to find the best time to complete your project.

After-Sale Services

Our aftersale services come next to our service that make our clients look no further than Toronto & GTA Railings to find all-inclusive railing installation solutions. Our skilled railing installers stand behind each of our projects to cover you from future mishaps. Offering a yearlong warranty on workmanship and material, Toronto & GTA Railings use the same material whenever you need repairs and fence/railing extensions.

Execution & Installation

Step four of our process is the final execution after the basics are done. This process is the meat of our project strategy that utilizes our skilled professionals to install your fences, balusters, railings, decks, handrails with market-leading materials that we source from the top manufacturers. With rich experience and high-quality assets at our disposal, we guarantee the timely completion of projects. Keeping transparency in every step that we take allows us to ensure our clients that their project looks exactly the way they conjure up their project. Our team counts projects a success only until our clients are fully satisfied with us in terms of materials, designs, pricing, and the quality of our craftsmanship.


The first step of our process is the initial plan and meetup. In this step, our dab-handed team meets you in person to take in your ideas for the project.<br /> As we know that every property is unique and so is every project. Nobody would want to see a failed representation of the imaginary end result that they have in mind. Here at Toronto & GTA Railings, we always respect what our customers want. Step # 1 of our work strategy ensures that our team understands your needs and ideas, keeping your objectives in mind. Getting the exact sketch of customers’ ideas in person not only makes railing contractors meet the requirements of the client—this process also helps customers get experience-based suggestions and recommendations about aesthetics and safety measures within their budget.</p> <p>In addition to that, fair pricing, professional demeanor, and experience that speaks are further some top factors that property owners always look for. Our first meet-up with clients not only clears their doubts when it comes to choosing the best railing installer in Toronto & GTA but we ensure offering quality materials and services that would never go out of clients’ budget. Anyone in our team you will work with has actual in-field experience that makes us so confident about our pricing, materials, and quality of services.

We Guarantee

From Start To Finish
Keeping your dream aesthetics and safety in mind, we lift your residential and commercial properties from average to spectacular using industry-leading high-quality materials to ensure solid longevity.
Railing Installers
Behind our name stands a highly trained and experienced team of railing and baluster installers that are duly trained to put in health and security measures.
Our services don’t stop after our team finishes any project. We stand behind our projects with over a year-long warranty.
In Everything We Do
From project estimation to project completion, your satisfaction is our top priority. Keeping transparency in everything that we do, today, we enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Railing Contractor & Installer Toronto

Whether commercial or residential, being a property owner in Toronto & GTA comes with added costs. Be it deck, stairway, or ledge, no one can ever underestimate the importance of railings, balusters, and handrails have to offer. They are a necessity for every property in terms of safety, support, and beauty. Just don’t pour your money down the drain making costly decisions…put your trust in Toronto & GTA Railing and watch the fuss factor getting away from your project. We’ve been there for decades with years of golden experience in the business, having the real fencing recipe up our sleeve—guaranteeing you all-inclusive quality services that you can always count on, for a price that you can always afford.

From Fence Installation To Repairs—We Do All

Toronto & GTA Railings has got you covered with complete railing and fence installation solutions. With an array of designs to add a curb appeal to your property, we offer unmatchable services and products that pass the test of time. Whether it is a porch, deck, or stair, from railing installation to repairs and maintenance, we do it all.

Looking for a Quality and Affordable Railing Contractor in Toronto & in the GTA?
If you are looking for a quality and affordable railing installation contractor in Toronto & in the GTA who can amaze you with professional working standards and up-to-the-mark project delivery, then you are in the right place. GTA Railings is the right choice for you. We can do all kinds of railings including Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Glass Railings at a very competitive price.